Internxt – Open source private & secure cloud storage

Internxt – Open source private & secure cloud storage

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Internxt – Open source private & secure cloud storage

In an era where digital privacy takes center stage, Internxt emerges as a steadfast guardian, offering individuals the opportunity to reclaim ownership over personal data. The comprehensive suite of open-source, encrypted cloud services provided by Internxt serves as a sanctuary, safeguarding cherished files and memories, ensuring they remain strictly accessible only to their owners.

Internxt’s distinctiveness lies in an unwavering commitment to preserving privacy. Assembled by a dedicated collective of experts, the team is unrelenting in its mission to shield users from online vulnerabilities and secure data against prying eyes. With Internxt, a digital footprint transforms into an impenetrable fortress, with privacy as the cornerstone.

At the heart of Internxt’s ethos is the concept of being “private by design.” Through rigorous encryption protocols, sensitive information is never stored, and every piece of data is enveloped in end-to-end encryption both during transmission and while at rest. The keys to unlocking this encrypted vault remain exclusively in the hands of the users, rendering data beyond the reach of anyone else.

The hallmark of the service is its uncompromising dedication to security. Utilizing zero-knowledge AES-256 encryption, files undergo a transformation into fortified citadels of digital confidentiality. The commitment to security goes beyond words; the codebase resides on GitHub, an open invitation for users to assess, verify, and hold the platform accountable for privacy commitments.

Internxt’s accountability is steadfast. As a GDPR-compliant entity, the service has subjected itself to meticulous assessments by Securitum, Europe’s premier penetration testing firm. The pledge is not merely in words; it’s backed by actions.

Speed and usability converge within the Internxt experience. The distributed service capitalizes on agile servers sprawled across the EU, ensuring rapid access to data without compromising its security. Streamlined interfaces and fluid workflows enhance productivity while upholding rigorous security standards.

Capture and preserve cherished moments within a singular accessible gallery. The suite empowers users to archive memories across diverse devices, fortified by stringent encryption measures.

Internxt isn’t merely a present solution; it’s a harbinger of a more secure digital future. Positioned at the forefront of the battle for internet privacy, Internxt is dedicated to fostering a virtual realm that’s equitable and impervious.

Internxt’s focus is unequivocally on its users. The array of products—encompassing Drive, Photos, and Send—bestows upon users the reins of their privacy. The best part? The journey can be embarked upon without cost. Individuals can enroll and relish up to 10GB of encrypted storage, ensuring comfort before embracing the full suite. With Internxt, users are never commodities; they’re the priority.

Participate in the transformation of the digital landscape. Initiate a free Internxt account today and unlock a realm where privacy governs. User data, user regulations.

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I had Internxt for a while as I wanted to try it out. I discovered that it was not very good. It struggled constantly to download my files to my pc, either from the web interface or the pc app. It seemed occasionally to lose files. It is awkward to navigate around. Not recommended.

Bestin Jacob
Reply to  Jon

Thank you for providing this update Jon, one of our community member endorsed this tool for online storage. This review will be forwarded to the makers, who will act to improve the painful section. Thank you, and if you have any favourite tools, please share it with us; we will definitely consider updating it on this website.

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